PREA Information

SteppenStone Youth Treatment Services is committed to a zero-tolerance policy for incidents of sexual abuse/harassment/assault/misconduct or rape and the failure of “duty to report” such incidents. SteppenStone Youth Treatment Services (SSYTS) shall also be committed to reducing the risk of abuse, assault and misconduct by providing employees and youth with guidelines and training on prevention, detection, response, investigation and education to create a culture that discourages such incidents.  SSYTS shall ensure that any sexual abuse/ harassment/ assault/ misconduct or rape between youth, employees, volunteers, visitors, contractors or between youth on youth regardless of consensual status is prohibited and subject to termination and/or criminal actions.

Third-party reporting can be completed verbally or in writing at any SteppenStone agency by contacting the PREA Coordinator, Executive Directors or their designees

Child abuse can be reported directly to the DCS Child Abuse Reporting Hotline number at (877) 237-0004 or via the website;

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