SteppenStone Outpatient Services

Our Purpose

SteppenStone Outpatient Services is designed to address each individual’s needs in an environment that provides intensive therapeutic intervention with the identified client and their family support system. Each individual and their families participate in up to 6 hours of treatment services per week, based upon their needs. Clients that receive treatment are considered to have Sexual Behavior Problems as children or adolescents.

What is Problematic

A child’s sexual behavior can be a problem if it is:

  • Out of the ordinary for his/her stage of development
  • Interferes with normal interests and activities
  • Involves other children in a way that is upsetting
  • Takes advantage of children who are younger
  • Involves pressure or force

The nature of the behavior determines what the most helpful response should be and whether the authorities and professionals will become involved. Behaviors that are public and disruptive continue in spite of efforts to stop them, or bother or hurt other children are most likely to require professional help.

SteppenStone Outpatient Brochure

For more information on services provided please contact: Jamie Mabe, 423-257-6054

To make a referral or appointment please contact: Marlene Newsome, 423-257-6054